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Dentima - Kraków - znieczulenie komputerowe The_WandThe CariScreen Meter is a technologically state-of-the-art device for conducting bacteriological testing to assess the level of dental decay-causing bacteria in the patient’s oral cavity. Testing with the CariScreen Meter can be done during one visit, and it is not necessary to wait 24-72 hours as with standard bacteriological testing.

The CariScreen Meter is currently the most perfect method of diagnosing and preventing dental caries, with 95% effectiveness according to scientific studies, and is also the best method to gain an insight into the state of decay in the entire oral cavity, not only in a single tooth. This technology not only allows infection to be discovered, but also constitutes a reference point for later check-ups, allowing constant monitoring of changes taking place in the oral cavity, especially during CariFree therapy, as well as allowing for dental hygiene habits, diet, and medications to be monitored. CariScreen testing is especially suited for pregnant women.

CariScreen Meter testing makes use of the latest and most innovative ATP bioluminescence technology; the test determines the level of ATP in the mitochondria of the entire cary-causing bacterial population, at the same time providing an image of the state of infection, risk of infection, and level of aggressiveness of cary-causing bacteria.

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