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In order to ensure the highest comfort in our waiting room and surgeries are air-conditioned, which is nice especially on hot summer days. In background we play nice music, which – we hope – makes your time spent in the dental chair more enjoyable.

The music is in fact so soothing that during longer visits with work done in a reclining position, patients sometimes even fall asleep …

There is also a water dispenser in the waiting room, a selection of current magazines and periodicals on various topics, many informational folders describing the procedures we carry out in our offices, and albums illustrating the transformations that our patients have undergone.

In order to save you time, we also have a range of dental products recommended by our doctors for dental care and hygiene which you can purchase at our reception area. These includes toothbrushes, specialist brushes, toothpastes, dental floss, mouthwashes, and dental creams which can often only be found in specialist dentistry shops.

You can make payments at reception in the way that is most convenient for you, in cash or by credit card, and for our return customers we also offer the option of payment by bank transfer. If you would like to receive an invoice after your treatment or a full statement of the procedures conducted, we are glad to prepare this for you.

We also realize that time flies and it can be hard to remember about appointments among your numerous every day’s businesses and errands. Therefore our reception personnel will remind you with adequate notice of your next appointment and – if requested – of the check up after 3 or 6 months.

We kindly request that you too notify us in advance, at least two days ahead, of a change or resignation from your appointment so that our doctors can see other patients in your place.

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