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There is no way to offer a sincere smile without showing your teeth.

Esthetic dentistry – why is it so important?

Almost everybody dreams about a beautiful, white and healthy smile which is nowadays a synonym of happiness and success. Such a smile enhances not only our beauty and personal charm but also our self-esteem and well-being because we smile more often. Unfortunately, coffee, tea, coloured drinks and cigarettes used everyday result in our teeth gradually growing grey. Discoloured teeth, especially front ones, can pose a serious aesthetic problem and make us smile much less frequently than we would like to.

Esthetic dentistry – how does it work?

That’s why at Dentima Specialist Dental Center esthetic dentistry is so important to us. We not only fill in the damaged tissue of teeth, but also recreate their anatomical shape and function, as well as the correct relations between neighboring and opposing teeth. For this purpose, we use materials manufactured by renowned companies. We use the latest composite materials which allow for the creation of highly attractive esthetic reconstructions of damaged teeth during a single visit. Unsatisfactory dental esthetics can be additionally corrected via:

  • professional tooth whitening treatments;
  • zirconia crowns and bridges;
  • gum correction using a cauterizer;
  • implant treatment;
  • other prosthetic treatments.

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