Our Equipment has all essential EU certificates.

  • a diagnostic laser Diagnodent pen used for quick and painless examination tooth decay;
  • modern eZ1 intraoral cameras for checking and depicting treatment results

2. equipment for esthetic dentistry

  • a Prophy-Mate dental sandblaster – used for professional teeth cleansing, and an ultrasound EMS dental scaler, for removing tartar from the teeth
  • Beyond Lamp for professional, effective and quick teeth whitening;

3. X-ray equipment:

4. equipment for modern root canal treatment using microscope:

5. equipment for implantology and dental surgery:

  • Implantmed used in implantation surgeries
  • Cauter Perfect III to coagulation a pathologically changed surface of a mucous membrane and to cutting the tissue;

6. equipment for disinfection and sterilization:

  • “Lisa” autoklave used for keeing necessary sterility of dental tools;
  • DPU 414 printer to record the parameters of each sterilization cycle;
  • DEST MAX distiller that warrants the best quality of distilled water;
  • Lisa Seal for tight sealing of sterilization packaging;
  • Westfield Medical paper and foil packaging for packing various materials subject to sterilization in saturated water vapour;
  • bactericidal lamps “KOVER”, that can be used while seeing patients, without harmful influence of ultraviolet rays;

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