Bezpieczeństwo - Dentima Specjalistyczne Centrum Stomatologii Kraków BronowiceThe safety of our surgeries is very important for us. In order to ensure the highest safety of our surgeries, we pay particular attention to the disinfection and sterilisation processes. Whenever possible we use disposable materials so our patients can feel secure and trust the procedures that we observe.

We have a separate sterilizer room with the most modern equipment with CE certificates for disinfection and sterilization of tools. Disinfection is done in special containers with various disinfecting preparations depending on the type of instruments subject to disinfection.

We also use a thermo-disinfector to conduct preliminary disinfection at high temperatures with additional ultrasound.

After disinfection the instruments are finally rinsed, dried and hermetically sealed in special paper and foil packaging with process indicators, and then subjected to sterilization in an autoclave in the highest possible temperature. We use water distilled in a distiller directly before the sterilization process.

Every set of tools is then placed into a single-use paper and foil package with individual indicators confirming the correct procedure of the sterilization process. After use, the indicator from the package is attached to the individual patient’s chart.

Additionally all surgeries have Kover bactericidal lamps to disinfect air and remove small-particle dust contaminated with bacteria, viruses and fungi. Bactericidal lamps are used at the end of each day, and in specific cases additionally during the dental therapy, without harmful effect on people

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