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Orthodontics – when should you make your first appointment?

The best time for your first visit to the orthodontist is at the age of 6-7 years, after the first adult teeth have appeared. At that time, we can see irregularities in the placement of the teeth, and can take preventative steps to avoid the occurrence of defects which will require orthodontic treatment, or can begin treatment with removable retainers,

Orthodontics – when is it too late for treatment?

We provide orthodontic treatment regardless of the patient’s age, for children, teens, and adults. With children we use removable retainers, with teens most often permanent braces, and with adults only permanent braces, most often as preparation for treatment with prostheses and/or implants, including the use of orthodontic mini-implants which allow for the precise placement of teeth in their correct positions.

Orthodontics – what kind of devices do we use?

  • removable braces (blocks and plates);
  • permanent metal braces;
  • permanent ceramic braces, esthetic;
  • self-ligaturing systems;
  • Benefit system orthodontic mini-implants;
  • retainers.


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