Dental prosthetics

Dental prosthesis – Kraków – Bronowice

Dental prosthesis – the type of operations that we do?

  • porcelain, fully ceramic, and zirconia crowns;
  • porcelain, fully ceramic, and zirconia bridges
  • porcelain veneers;
  • composite veneers;
  • simple and composite crown-root inlays;
  • esthetic, skeletal, and hook-free dental prostheses;
  • instant prostheses;
  • simple and composite crown-root inlays;;
  • partial and total acrylic prostheses;
  • crowns, bridges, and prostheses on implants.

Dental prosthetics – why is replacing a missing tooth so important?

Removal of a single tooth leaves behind what appears to be just a small space. “Appears to be” because failure to fill in the empty space at the right time can lead to very negative changes, including:

  • the tendency of neighboring teeth to lean towards or even move into the free space, leaving unattractive gaps between the remaining teeth
  • jaw bone and mandible, which can suffer irreversible loss in the area of the missing tooth, negatively influencing the way that a prosthesis adheres to the base, leading to discomfort in use
  • opposing teeth, which gradually slide into the dental alveola (sometimes even involving harmful bone growth), becoming “longer”, which can sometimes lead to their loss
  • gums, which recede leaving the teeth more vulnerable to damage during eating as a result of missing teeth
  • front teeth, which take over the functions of lost side teeth, and as a result are overloaded and ground down, leading to an unattractive visual effect
  • temporal-mandibular joint, which may react to negative changes by hurting, clicking, or jumping out of place
  • effectiveness of chewing, which is reduced as a result of incorrect movement of the mandible caused by the movements of the teeth
  • speech, especially when front teeth are lost
  • mental state, because we often stop smiling and avoid showing characteristic “black holes” remaining when teeth are lost
  • esthetics, as missing teeth can make the face appear even dozens of years older

Sample photos of our patients before and after treatment:

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