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Esthetic medicine – Kraków – Bronowice

Esthetic medicine – why choose us?

Esthetic medicine is the culmination of effects achieved thanks to the collaboration of the patient and the dentist. The effect is heightened by the dental treatments conducted, undoubtedly to the satisfaction of both parties.

Because the transformation of the smile will never be complete if it does not include corrections, even delicate ones, in the appearance of the face which inevitably occur with the passing of time.

And vice-versa; a facial transformation with an unattractive smile or missing teeth will never create the same effect.

Esthetic medicine – what kind of treatments do we offer?

We suggest esthetic and regenerative medicine treatments conducted by certified esthetic medicine doctors for men and women with the use of:

  • platelet rich plasma;
  • platelet rich fibrine;
  • hyaluronic acid;
  • botulism toxin;
  • laser devices;
  • infrared devices;
  • carboxy devices;
  • plasma producing decices.

We cordially invite you for treatments with our main partner at Aspalia Centrum Medycyny Estetycznej in the same building on the first floor. Certified esthetic medicine doctors and cosmetologists will pamper you and enhance your appearance.

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