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Stomatologia dziecięca - Dentima Specjalistyczne Centrum Stomatologii - Kraków BronowiceThe first appointment

The feeling of comfort during the first appointment, nice atmosphere and no associations with pain are all highly important factors that affect the child’s later attitude towards dental treatment. During the first appointment little patients get to know the surgery and its personnel. The doctor, often in the form of play, accustoms the child to stomatological instruments. In this way the surgery becomes a place associated with play and nice entertainment. After each appointment children can choose a little gift for bravery that encourages them to come again.

Detection of caries with the Diagnodent Pen diagnostic laser

Tooth sealing
Tooth sealing consists in filling the pits and fissures in clean and caries-free teeth with a special sealant that contains fluorides. Sealing is recommended for pits in primary molar teeth, permanent molar teeth and premolar teeth as well as for fissures in upper lateral permanent incisors. Sealing is most often applied to the sixth teeth (the first permanent molars) that run a risk of caries. They erupt around the age of 6 behind the last primary teeth. Tooth sealing ensures effective protection against caries. Sealing should be done within 3 months of tooth eruption (the sealed tooth has to be erupted to such an extent that it can be separated from the moist environment of the oral cavity). Sealed teeth should be checked every 6 months.

Tooth varnishing – more…
Tooth varnishing consists in covering thoroughly cleaned surfaces of all teeth, both milk and molar teeth, with preparations (varnishes) that contain fluoride, to make them less prone to caries. Varnish stays at the surface of teeth from several hours to several weeks, which ensures better absorption of fluoride ions into the enamel.
The procedure is repeated 2-4 times a year, most preferably in spring and autumn, in order to prevent caries in children and adults, remineralization of initial caries focuses and chromatoses, counteract secondary caries around fillings, crown inlays and prosthetic devices, alleviate oversensitivity of dental necks, and prevent caries during orthodontic treatment (permanent and removable devices).

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